Do something GREEN while making your home smell wonderful!

Palace scents are all natural room sprays, deodorizers, and linen sprays made with Essential Oils! Essential oils can be rejuvenating to the spirit and the scents last longer than typical air fresheners. There are no harsh chemicals used in making these sprays and they are gentle enough for direct skin contact. All sprays come in a pump style bottle, eliminating harmful
aerosol cans from the environment. 

Sprays come in a variety of scents and special requests are accepted! Got questions? Feel free to send me an email.

Scents are as follows:

Tea Tree
Orange Peach
Sweet Orange
Citrus Lavender
and more...
Palace Scents is not liable for any reactions caused by using Palace Scent products. Use caution if you have allergies to essential oils, plants, berries, citronella, fruits, witch hazel or any other types of oils. For a complete listing of ingredients, feel free to Contact Us.