I'm a first time mom of a little boy born January 11, 2010. We live in Greenville, North Carolina and have two dogs. I wanted to design a spray that would allow me to freshen my home without aggravating my asthma or harming my son so I developed Palace Scents. My son has sensitive skin and Eczema and this spray is mild enough to spray on laundry, on his sheets, and
around the house for added freshness.

Palace scents are all natural room sprays, deodorizers, and linen sprays made with Essential Oils! Essential oils can be rejuvenating to the spirit and the scents last longer than typical air fresheners. There are no harsh chemicals used in making these sprays and they smell WONDERFUL! All sprays come in a pump style bottle, eliminating harmful Aerosol cans from the environment. 

Sprays come in a variety of scents and special requests are accepted!

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