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I got my fragrance today! I love it! It's not too strong, but just right. I sprayed my sheets with it, too, and I love it. Great job, lady! - Kesha Campbell

I love the Citrus Lavendar scent! Tangy but comforting. :) Good stuff! - Meagan Piland

I love my scent! The kids love to help spray and they always say how much that like the way it smells! - Trelanie Welker

The bug spray smells so good...I recently recieved a room spray that i won.. i LOVE the smell of it. it's so refreshing.. and even the kids like it :)- Cami Court

Fragrances are great. ♥ the lemon!!!! And the citrus/lavender is great for kitchens!! - Diane Gavin

 We our bug spray! - Nicole, Under the Willow Tree

Teething Necklaces Feedback:

I love this one - thanks!!!!  - Vanessa Staudacher

The necklace is aesthetically pleasing, perfect to wear out on a day in the sun. The length is perfect on me too.  - Adele

I love how it is all natural and it is super cute and practical. My little one grabbed it 1st thing when i fed him a min ago he even fell asleep with it in his little hand. I'd also wear it when not with my baby. it is very cute and i love the look. - Dawn

LOVE the beautiful nursing necklace:amazing design/look-fast ship and very sweet. - Holly

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